The brainchild. Atelier by Two was a lingering idea reimagined over cups of coffee during a pitstop to France. In French, Atelier is a workshop or studio.

Taylor + Sean are opposites, but pair together like yin and yang. Taylor's got a knack for design and appreciation for all things #aesthetic, and Sean is the magic maker, bringing those ideas to life.
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Photo + Design

Creative curator, color coordinator, coffee consumer and avid user of alliterations.

Taylor is the creative mind and founder of Atelier by Two. With her eye for design and out-of-the-box thinking, she's one for brain explosions and always has a pen and pad at hand to jot ideas down. Paired with Sean's expertise, they get stuff done.

Taylor has been thankfully working from home since 2016, when she started her own photography and web design business - capturing tons of photos, blogging, and designing websites for startups and growing businesses alike.


Cup of Coffee

T: Kurasu in Kyoto
S: Stumptown in Portland


T: Japan, but Iceland comes pretty darn close
S: Iceland


T: Take-out-Thai-and-a-movie nights
S: Netflix + junk food



Content creator, problem solver, and an even bigger coffee drinker than Taylor.

Sean is a founder and the brains of the business. With his background in computer science, he's without a doubt the backbone of Atelier by Two. Anything technology related will get him interested and he loves wrapping his mind around problems – after all, there's a solution for everything.

Sean's a people-person and loves working with business-owners and creatives from all over. He has a passion for capturing candid moments and turning them into moving memories. Expect to see his camera (and a cup 'o joe) in hand most of the time.